How it began – my homemade soap history

Making soap is very important thing to me when it comes taking care of my face. One of important things I heard in facial treatment is that “never use soaps on your face”. I had always followed that ever since I got into beauty world. But that got changed once I got to know about CP home made soaps.


If you have already read my article about home made lotion, you would know how I began this homemade secrets. After I began making homemade lotion, my eyes turned to home made soap. Because, I was not satisfied with any product I bought with the money I could spend for the face.


Why do I make home made soaps

One of the most wonderful things about making soap yourself at home is that, like in homemade lotion, you can choose any oil you like or fit your skin and any essence oil or any aroma oil you like to have – though I do not recommend to use aroma oil that much . Instead of checking around internet or local shops to buy a soap with the oil you want to have in it, which has very low percent of the oil in the soap bar you would end up buying. It has so low percent so you would not get any effect by using the soap and second of all it usually has other toxics you would not want to apply on your face, you can make your own soap at home easy with low cost.


My face does not get troubled by external stress so much, like using bit strong substances except alcohol because it makes the skin very dry. Though it tends to get dry by wind easy and put dead skin layer on top very often so I need to use scrub more often then it is recommended. Typical complex skin type is my skin type. If I use oily soap bar or facial product for protection against wind, I get pimples right away but if I don’t give proper moisture and oil for protection, I would get crocodile skin easily.


Even though I had already been using homemade lotion, I had to do one more step for my face.


So I began soap making. Since I got to know about the effect of neem oil. I began making neem oil soap. As I mentioned in homemade lotion article, my sister bought products with neem oil and it worked fine with her.


Since then I always use the homemade soap with the ingredients I like. There are basic oils you put and then change the oils you want to get effects on. For example like neem oil.


When I researched about making soap, I found out that there are two things you need to learn about. First is how to make soaps at home – how to mix oils and lye then mold the paste. Second thing is to calculate weight of different oils and lye depending on weight of the mixed oil. It was relatively easier to find soap recipes then how to make soap properly in detail. There are several different ways for handmade soap at home.


Also, when I began making soap first time, I found many sites with special equipments you should have. I bought some of them of course but I never liked it and I don’t even use them that much. Most important equipments are a scale and a thermometer in my method. You might not have them in your kitchen that is why I am mentioning them here. The rest probably you have them at home.


Do not begin buying new equipments for making soaps

I use an old cooker, which I don’t use anymore or you can even get one from your friends or family members. Or you can buy one from secondhand shop.


When I cut the soap I use old kitchen knife. That works perfect. Since I am selling the soap and use them for me and my friends and family, I do not care about the shape of the soap. You can of course still sell them if you want.


Later on I can still share how to make pretty looking soaps but now I am only focus on making soap with CP(Cold process).


Many recipes I found have volume unit when it describes quantity of oils. I do not like them either because it is not easy to measure, I found. Because then you need all kind of volume measuring equipments and when you poor them into a big pot, what about the remains which you cannot pour? Oil has high viscosity. So, I always change it to weight unit.


With researched information, courses, trials and mistakes, I know now how to make a soap. I can even teach people how to do. It is very simple. Most of all, it is really good for your skin. My sister, who has have skin trouble for her life, who spent a lot of money for different kind of facial products, loves the soap I make. Some of my friends tried it and some of my relatives as well. Everybody loves it.


Now I only use homemade soap on my face. :)