Donna asks…

Alternative for LYE in soap making?

Trying to find a safe, natural alternative to lye for making soap. Any tips? Thanks!

Elisabeth answers:

There really isn’t.

Daniel asks…

What is the easiest and the best way to make lye, for making soap?

Say if I lived a two thousand years ago.

Elisabeth answers:

The easiest way is to leach it from the ashes of burned wood. The link below will take you to a detailed description of the process. Have fun!

Laura asks…

Where I can buy Lye for soap making?

I need it for school project for soap making in my chemisty subject.

Elisabeth answers:

Where are you?

Your local grocery store, supermarket, hardware store, etc.

Red Devil Lye used to be a staple in the U.S., but is no longer generally available.

If you can’t find something labeled “Lye” look for drain cleaners. For example, Roebic Crystal Drain Opener is pure lye and available at Loewe’s, Ace, and TruValue hardware stores. Rooto is another brand and is available at Ace.

If you have to go on-line, there are lots of places, including:

If you are going to try using the soap (as opposed to just proving that it works) and you want something people will want to use, then you need a more refined product.

Thomas asks…

Safety when making lye soap?

Do you wear protection when making your own lye based soap?

I wear rubber gloves and apron.

Elisabeth answers:

Safety goggles or face shield. You dont want that lye water spashing in your eyes.

Paul asks…

Where is the cheap place to buy lye for soap making?

Where can I buy lye
please I need to buy now

Elisabeth answers:

I have found lye at Ace Hardware in numerous states as I travel. It currently is priced at just under $4 for a pound bottle. I have been teaching people to make soap. Here is a site I found the other day which can give you some tips.


Robert asks…

where can i get sodium hidroxide? for making lye for making soap?

any market sell it?

Elisabeth answers:

You can even get it online.

Sandy asks…

where do i buy lye for making soap.?


Elisabeth answers:

Look for Roebic Crystal Drain Opener (100% crystal – abosolutly no liquid) at your local hardware store in the drain opener section.

If your looking to purchase in bulk the best prices i’ve found is through Boyer Corporation, you do have to call them in order to place your order, but they are really friendly and helpful.

Betty asks…

Where can I purchase lye for soap making?


Elisabeth answers:

Try this:

They have links for information and supplies that have everything to do with soap making. You would have lot’s of options. :)

Good luck.

Donald asks…

Anyone know where to buy LYE in San Gabriel, CA for Soap making?

Hi There, I’m interested in trying soapmaking and heard that I need LYE. Don’t know where to find it in the city where I live. Any help would be appreciated!

Elisabeth answers:

There are ways to make it yourself if you can’t buy locally

you can also order online

one of the most powerful is wood ashe method, and dangerous if you don’t know how.

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