Laura asks…

Do you know a homemade dry shampoo for dogs?

He gets a bath at the groomer each 5 weeks but in between it’s hard to keep him clean for even 2 days cause we’re very active outside.

I was wondering if starch could safely be used as a dry shampoo and if you know of any other product I would find in my home that would work just as well.

I looked on the market and can not find any.

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Elisabeth answers:

Baking soda Sprinkle it dry into his fur and brush out. It will remove doggy odor.. And will clean white fur. Another benefit is.. It wont hurt him if he ingests any you miss..stuff is amazing it will remove skunk odor

Ken asks…

How do I make an effective homemade anti-dandruff shampoo for dogs?

We have a Labrador Retreiver and it has dandruff. We give him a bath every week but after a few days of bathing, the dog has dandruff again. He is always scratching and when you look at his back, you’ll see lots of flakes.

Elisabeth answers:

Has anyone suggested not bathing him.. That maybe the natural oils he needs are being washed away. What type of food does he get?
Iams and Eukanuba both dry the dogs skin too much…..we only bathe our dogs about every 3 weeks

William asks…

homemade dog shampoo?

is clear liquid antibacterial soap and white vinegar good as a dog shampoo. my dog has very itchy skin and he bites himself so he has some bite wounds all over would the vinegar be bad for him. i would appreciate any other suggestions.
very helpful


Elisabeth answers:

I had read that so I mixed it up and used it. OMG one of my dogs just got crazy dry skin. So back to oatmeal dog shampoo.

George asks…

Is there a homemade solution to flea control shampoo for dogs?

I have a Siberian Husky cross and a Jack Russell cross and the store bought shampoos are not only expensive they leave my Husky’s hair so dry it feels horrible. Then I am forced to buy even more expensive conditioner for him.
Any cheap and easy formulas would be greatly appreciated.

Elisabeth answers:

It just kills fleas on contact. Put ¾ to 1 inch of rubbing alcohol in the bottom of any size jar. Add a tiny bit of Dawn dish detergent. Pour warm water into job to top and mix together. Apply this to a DRY dog and work into a lather. Rinse. All fleas will be dead. Use cream rinse on dog after bathing.

Steven asks…

I’m looking for a homemade alternative to dog shampoo that puts oils back in my dogs skin.?

I’ve taken him to the vet, he has allergies. His coat is a mess, he’s bloody raw. I’ve been feeding him pork and sweetpotatoes, giving him Benedryl, antibiotics. The vet wants me to buy a shampoo that takes care of the flakes and crust, and a shampoo that puts oils back in his skin. The shampoos are $20 a bottle.(which I can’t afford) Oatmeal baths have helped get rid of the flaking, now I’m looking for an alternative to the shampoo that puts oils back in his skin. Any suggestions?

Elisabeth answers:

Not a shampoo and not an immediate solution, but fish oil supplements are often quite helpful in improving skin and coat health and in reducing inflammation from allergies.

It may help if you can list the things to which your dog is allergic, as it will help people to answer your questions. Don’t want to recommend things the dog has known allergic responses to!

Lisa asks…

How can you make a homemade anti-flea dog shampoo?

homemade anti flea dog shampoo for our dog….PLS. HELP US!

Elisabeth answers:

Any shampoo will kill fleas if lefton long enough. It dissolves the fleas exoskeleton, killing it. Leave it on for at least 5 minutes. Also, you can add some juice from the peel of an orange to the shampoo to help kill the fleas faster.

Donald asks…

Homemade dog odor shampoo?

I have a 9 month old Bassethoud (Indoor) I know he is hound but hes inside and hes my baby. BUT HE FREAKEN STINKS! I have tried everything! I’ve bought all of them fancy shampoos and knowing they prolly wouldnt work I tried them anyways. I have heard through the grapevine that ‘Douches’ (or however u spell them) are good for dog odor and I can understand that b/c of the vinegar but just wanted to see if it was safe or if anyone knew of a good recipe I could MAKE something to bathe him with!! Anything! Please help its aweful! *Thank-You*
My vet said to buy food without corn or many vegies so I went to We luv pets and bought him this ‘special food’ thinking it would hep. it didnt. I can’t just NOT give him a bathe! Its just not possible! I’m just hoping to find a good shampoo that i only have to bathe him like once a month!!

Elisabeth answers:

Quit bathing your dog… You remove the oils from his skin and coat, and then it causes his body to over produce. Then- he stinks worse.

Get a really good quality food without grains – kibble or canned/wet… Dogs are carnivores, so they are meant to eat meat, not grains/veggies, etc.

Feeding a raw prey model diet will completely end your “doggie” odor, no dog breath, and clean white teeth…

Good luck.

Ruth asks…

Is it okay to give my dog a bath using these products?

I was looking online for homemade dog shampoos without glycerin and this came up.
Apple cider vinegar, ivory liquid soap and water. I also used PH-Balanced Silk Elements. I was kinda sketchy about this.

I hope it is okay

Elisabeth answers:

I don’t know if I would use vinegar on your dog, even a little bit could cause him irritation to his skin. You didn’t say what breed of dog it is so it could be worse for some then others, and as for the PH-balanced elements, if it’s PH balanced for a human only I wouldn’t use it, dogs have a different need for PH balancing when it comes to their skin as opposed to a human, what is good for us may not be so good for a dog…. Could cause him or her a lot of irritation

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