Robert asks…

I am looking for a lye free glycerin soap recipe?

I have been looking for a recipe to make a lye free soap and found one once but now I cant find it. Is there anyone out there that knows of one?? Thanks

Elisabeth answers:

Soap that is made with lye does not contain lye after it goes through saponification. That is the name of the chemical reaction that changes the oils into soap because of the lye. Always run a recipe through a soapcalc before making a soap recipe. I suggest soapcalc Also be careful of recipes posted on the web and even some in books. Start off with a 1 pound batch just in case you goof, it’s not a big loss then. I suggest joining a soap making forum to learn more. The soap recipe itself can make or break your soap. There are plenty of bad recipes out there. If the soap contains to much coconut oil or palm kernel oil it will over strip your skin of the natural oils there.

Naturally made soap with oils and lye contain glycerin. Commercial soapmakers use a process to remove it from the soap for several reasons, one being they can sell it for a profit.

If your looking for a good melt and pour type soap, I suggest looking at brambleberry at their soap bases. They are more natural than many others that contain surfactants. Using this type of soap does contain glycerin, but you just melt it and scent it and pour it into your mold. It’s not as natural (or as good) as cold process soap, but it is easy.

I am very experienced in making cold process soap, as well as the administrator of a forum that teaches others to make cold process soap and other variations of it.

Ken asks…

I want a recipe to make “Clear” natural Glycerin soap at home, does anybody have one?

I will only consider natural ingredients and it must be see through, thanks

Elisabeth answers:

Well, since lye is synthesized these days, good luck with the “natural ingredients thing”. Also you will need lots of alcohol – you CAN use Everclear, but rubbing alcohol is so much cheaper.

There are some formulas online – you can join a soapmaking forum or try this site:

But I strongly recommend you master regular soap making first – it’s not an easy process.

(oh, I think the instructions do include making it from already made soap = but those soaps are made with lye to begin with – there is no such thing as “all natural” soap except African Black Soap which probably won’t work for your process)

Joseph asks…

How to make my own glycerin honey/oatmeal soap? (need recipe!)?


Elisabeth answers:

3 oz. Opaque melt & pour soap
1 T. Oatmeal
Vanilla, Almond, or Oatmeal, Milk & Honey scent (optional)
1 tsp. Honey

Melt soap, then add honey and a few drops of scent – let it start to cool while you grind up 3/4 of the oatmeal in a coffee grinder until it is powdery. Stir in the ground oatmeal a little at a time (stir constantly). Keep stirring until it gets fairly cool, and then add in remaining whole oatmeal. Keep stirring until it gets very cool and thick (almost like a sludge). Pour into mold.
The key to this recipe is making sure the soap is pretty cool so the oatmeal stays suspended in the finished bar. The bar has a nice natural oatmeal smell, but the scent adds subtle smell that is very nice.

Richard asks…

can i get the succinct recipe for the chemical list to make transparent(clear) glycerin soap?


Elisabeth answers:

This website has a very nice description of how to make homemade soap

Mary asks…

Can i use coconut oil instead of castor oil in this soap recipe?

i already have coconut oil and i was wanting to make this soap recipe.
2 – 3 cups glycerin soap base, grated
2 oz oatmeal, ground
1 oz castor oil
1 oz shea butter
1 teaspoon beeswax
1 – 2 drops orange or purple food color
7 – 10 drops lavender or sweet orange essential oil

Elisabeth answers:

Yes it can be. Coconut oil is one of the best ingredients for foods.


Lisa asks…

Any natural soap recipes? Without lye or glycerin?

I need a recipe for a natural soap. I hate using lye, and I don’t have any glyrcerin. Any ideas?

God Bless! x

Elisabeth answers:

Here are several sites:

LYE IS natural… It’s wet wood-ash !!

I hope you can find something you can use.

William asks…

making goats milk soap lye/glycerin?

I am looking for a goats milk soap recipe very similar to this one but want to replace the lye with glycerin, is it possible to do that and how much glycerin would a person use for a recipe like this one?
8 oz. distilled water (cold)
8 oz. goat milk (cold) or (frozen/slushy)
6.5 oz. lye (sodium hydroxide)
8 oz. palm oil
17 oz. coconut 76° oil
17 oz. olive oil
1 oz grapefruit seed extract
2-3 ozs. essential oil

OR if someone has another recipe very similar that uses glycerin already that would be great, any light on this subject would be much appreciated.

Elisabeth answers:

Not a good idea. Lye turns all the fats (goat’s milk, palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and grapefruit seed extract) into soap and glycerin through a process called saponification. Without the lye, your mix will go rancid and smell really bad. Watch out for that stuff, it will dissolve your skin if you are not careful.

Betty asks…

how to make soap if using pure liquid glycerin?

i’m not using lye in the recipe…only glycerin

Elisabeth answers:

Liquid Castile Soap –

Paul asks…

Melt & Pour Soap Recipe?

Ok so I have my glycerin I have my soap coloring blocks & I have my essential oils. I have my double boiler & everything to get started. Anybody got a recipe for doing this. It is my first time & I want to make these for Christmas Gifts. What temp should I bring the soap up to? It there a temp that is too high that it will discolor the soap? Any input would help.

Elisabeth answers:

I have not made soap with a double boiler before, but I have made it in the microwave and it worked well. Try going on line, there are several good websites to check. Good luck and have fun!!


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