Sandy asks…

Have you ever used castile soap as shampoo?

What did it make your hair feel like? Did it make it feel oily?

Elisabeth answers:

A little oily but definitely the hair turned out glossy. Try a conditioner after shampoo with a castile soap.

Maria asks…

What are the benefits of using natural castile soap on the skin? Which brand do you recommend that is organic?


Elisabeth answers:

I use an organic soap. I will never use anything else now – i used to have dry flaky skin, but not anymore.
I now sell the organic products that i use.


David asks…

Question about using castile soap as replacement for shampoo: does it cause dandruff?

i have recently started to use this soap on my head instead of shampoo with some regular conditioner.
It doesn’t make my hair look too great but it’s not all that bad either. i figure the simpler & more natural you go nowadays, the better…so ive started making changes like tea tree oil for deodorant & soap for shampoo & stuff like that when ive got nowhere special to go…ya kno..haha

When i told my aunt about this she told me to do some research on it cause soap causes dandruff on your head…she saidin the olden days (lol) when she used soap it dd for her & many others? i also read some of the reviews on this soap & it says that it makes people’s skin really dry sometimes so i’m thinking she may be right it may also dry out the scalp. i’m not really a big fan of dry scalps since they lead to dandruff, but of course i can add some hemp oil of olive oil or something to it as necessary (any recommendations for good oils that don’t make hair greasy would be LOVELY!!! :)) ) lol if that would help at all….

Anyways, i just wanna know does anyone have experience with this? Washing your hair with soap, using tea tree as deoderant, oil as lotion, etc..(Any other suggestions!!!??)

Thankkks :))

Much Love

Elisabeth answers:

Oh, I love it! I’ve been going natural, too! I like your idea about using tea tree oil instead of deodorant! Does it really work? Could you tell me, what else you are using? Please, email me to share some other ideas!!!

As for hair, it is good you’ve brought up the subject. Here is a wash that’s described in one of my 19th century books:

“There was a celebrated beauty in Munich who had one of the handsomest heads of hair I ever beheld, and she used regularly to wash her head every morning with the following:
Beat up the white of four eggs into a froth, and rub that thoroughly in close to the roots of the hair. Leave it to dry on. Then wash the head and hair with a mixture of equal parts of rum and rose water. This will be found one of the best cleansers and brighteners of the hair that was ever used.”

Robert asks…

how the hell do I use liquid castile soap?

I need to know this only
how to dilute it for
dish washing soap
laundry soap
household cleaning
help if you can don’t waste my life if you can’t

Elisabeth answers:

The entry is too long to list, but under the FAQ’s at Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap there is a list of the various uses and concentrations for the soap.

Thomas asks…

Regular liquid body wash vs. liquid castile soap?

I’ve never heard of or used castile soap before. Is Castile soap better? If so how ?
I’m considering purchasing castile soap only out of curiosity. I did a little research and know that regular liquid soap may be made with animal fat and castile soap is plant based. But when it comes down to the effects on your skin or the environment which is better?

Lyn, I’m not sure I understood your response since both soaps I am asking about are liquid. Also, what do you mean by someone touching your soap?

Elisabeth answers:

Most liquid soaps have SLS in them which Sodium laureth sulfate, or sodium lauryl ether sulfate Follow this link to read more
A castile soap is much more mild.I feel that you will get more benefit from a plant product as opposed to rubbing a pork chop all over your body.. To answer your question plant based products are better for you then animal. Plants have vitamins and minerals , help protect,heal….. You get the point….

John asks…

castile soap as a shampoo? need advice?

I used castile soap tonight as a shampoo and it made my hair oily, limp, and dirty looking. it was just pure castile soap. I thought castile soap was better for the hair? what can I do to make castile soap work for my hair? would lemon or vinegar in it help? doesn’t that condition the hair and wouldn’t it make the problem worse? thanks.
I have fine oily hair so Im always fighting grease. before I used avalon organics for greasy hair and it seemed to be working. it had lemon in it, is the the diff?

Elisabeth answers:

Don’t use soap as shampoo, it’s not made for that, no matter what marketing may say. If the Avalon organics worked, go back to it. I use Burt’s Bees Pomegranate and Soy shampoo and conditioner and it’s wonderful. Best thing I ever did for my hair! I don’t have to use an anti-frizz product anymore either.

Richard asks…

How can I use Dr. Bronner’s castile soap to get rid of my acne? I have the peppermint one and it doesn’t work.?

Is there anyway to get rid of my acne. No matter what I do, it wont go away. Sorry but I cant get rid of the question mark at the very end.

Elisabeth answers:

I’ve been in that situation and there is really nothing you can do about it. There are things you can do to try to reduce the blemishes and get rid of acne temporarily but you will always be finding yourself cleaning your face or your body depending on where it’s at.

I mean of course your acne should go away eventually but for some this is the case their whole life.

I’m 29 years old and have been suffering from these little pests since I was a teenager. I tried all sorts of face washes from the local grocery store and what not, but nothing seemed to work. If anything it would just make my skin dry and itchy.

Literally the best acne face wash I’ve ever used has been this stuff called clear pores. It has got rid of the acne to quickest and has been a success ever since I got it. It’s unique cause of it’s herbal supplement you take a long with it that helps your skin from the inside out.

You should really look into this stuff and if you can to assure the best results, get the 3 month supply because if it doesn’t work it will still save you butt on the return policy.

Well good luck and best wishes.

Mary asks…

has anyone use dr bronners castile liquid soap as a shampoo?

i have afro textured and was wandering if any one has successfully used dr bronners liquid soap as a shampoo, what dilution did you use or did you use it neat?

Elisabeth answers:

Dr Bromners is a true soap, as opposed to commercial shampoos which are detergent products. True soaps are not good for MOST hair. True soap has a high pH which roughens the cuticle of the hair strands, making the hair rough and dry. Also if you have hard water then soap forms soap scum with it and can be deposited on the hair leaving it sticky. You can get around this somewhat by rinsing with dilute vinegar – but for most people it doesn’t work well.

I wish it was the best thing for hair, since I make and sell soap, but it simply isn’t.

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