Homemade Natural Body Powder

As you might know already, if you read my other posts, I live in quite dry environment. It became more humid I believe then ten years ago though. I have noticed that some days in summer it is hot and humid. Since it is not everyday, I just stand it and do not bother to do anything about it.

Still sometimes I use body powder on sweaty places or neck and across the collar bones.



What you need,
Arrow root
Different essence Oils – Peppermint, Orange.
Containers to mix the ingredients thoroughly.
Measuring cup

How to do it
1 cup of cornstarch
1 cup of arrow root

Or same proportions of cornstarch and arrow root.

Mix them well.
Add essence oils.
In this recipe, peppermint 10 to 15 drops and about 20 drops of orange essence oil.

Put the peppermint essence oil first and mix them thoroughly.
Add the orange essence oil and mix them well


Uses of body powder

I have been thinking where I can use body powder in practical uses then just for look, the way  I have been using one. It seems like that people use body powder for two reasons.

One is for absorbing unwanted sweat and refreshing effect. The other is for looky effect. :) The later one should include glittery ingredient though.

I am going to make body powder today. Since I like bit heavy smell, I will use coconut essence oil and vanilla essence oil. I cannot probably really compare it with any commercial body powder, since I do not usually use one. I can still write a review how it is afterwards.

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