John asks…

My niece flushed a full bar of soap down the toilet?

Now there is toilet paper and water leaking in my parents front yard. It’s coming out of the ground.
No, we do not have a septic system.

Elisabeth answers:

Sounds like either your main sewage line is blocked or broken or the septic tank is overflowing.
It would take more than a cake of soap to do it.

Chris asks…

My son flushed a bar of soap down the toilet, what’s an easy and fast way to unstop it… PLEASE HELP?

I need answers fast… I’m having friends over in about an hour…

Elisabeth answers:

Run to Walmart, Kmart or Target or hardware store and purchase a toilet snake. Turn the handle a few times and you will see and feel the snake to penetrate the bowls flush opening to its waste area. Keep going until it’s fully extended it metal snake cord down in the toilet,give it a few spins from handle and then retrieve it by moving handle the opposite direction. Storing you should extend the snake out as far can go and raise off & hang dry somewhere-then go back and turn its handle to retrieve the snake at its original start position-raising it a bit in the missed areas dry and store for the future. Make sure it drys completely because it will rust. This process is only maybe 10min.s flat-easy job.

Jenny asks…

My son flushed a bar of Lever soap down the toilet and now it’s stopped up! Help!?

I’ve tried plunging and it doesn’t help. My son flushed the soap last night and this morning it clogged up after my daughter used it. I thought soap was supposed to dissolve or something – gross!

Elisabeth answers:

You will need a closet auger to push and or retrieve the bar of soap .the soap bar has probably jammed int he toilet p-trap. Chemiclas will not work, home depot , lowes has closet augers roughly from 20 – 40.00. Worst case, a plumber will need to be called in – best of luck

Betty asks…

How can I dissolve a bar of soap that’s been flushed down the toilet?

Draino didn’t work and the snake thing didn’t do much either. Help!!!

Elisabeth answers:

Bad idea! You shouldn’t of put the soap down the toilet!

But since you did….

The water in the toilet will soften it and it will eventually dissolve. (i hope to goodness, it wasn’t a fresh piece of soap, just the remainder of a used soap.)

If you put the snake down in the toilet then it would of dissolved the soap.

Maybe it’s not a ‘piece of soap’ after all.

Do you have kids?

One of my kids’ somehow got an apple stuck in the toilet.

I didn’t believe it until the $150.00 an hour plumber got it out.

You’d be surprised.

Good luck to you!!!
And your DRAIN problem!

Daniel asks…

I dropped a bar of soap down my toilet..?

I dropped a bar of soap down my toilet and it went down too far to reach, i’ve managed to push it down a bit further but now its stuck somewhere in the pipes and my toilet is blocked and wont flush properly.

Does anyone know of anything I can put down the toilet to maybe dislodge it or sort of melt the soap.. or is this more of a job for the plumber?

Any help would be great! thanks.

Elisabeth answers:

Don’t worry about it. Pour about 20 kettles worth of boiling water down, that should reduce its size alot. Don’t worry about cracking your toilet with boiling water, lol, don’t know what kind of toilet that guy has. I have always cleaned my toilets with vinegar and a few kettles of boiling water, never cracked one yet.

Don’t “use” the toilet for a day, liquids are ok. Put 2 kettles worth down, leave it for a couple of minutes, flush, and repeat until 20 kettles worth is done. By then, after all this stress and fear of a big plumbing bill you will need to pass solids anyway, do so, test it out, I bet it will be fine. If it does block up, don’t panick, it won’t flow out. Let it subside and do another 20 kettles.

Maria asks…

How do I unclug toilet that has a bar of soap in it?

My grandmother dropped a full size bar of soap down the toilet. I cannot see the bar of soap. So who knows where it roamed. She lied about it and said the toilet was just clogged. I tried a plunger but nothing. She finally told me tonight. Every time she flushes the water rises all the way to the top and has also overflowed onto the floor. Need help desperately. How do I get rid of the soap or melt it or something. Thank you.

Elisabeth answers:

Just pull up the toilet and get it out, forsaking all the drama.

Ken asks…

Put bar of soap in back toilet tank thinking would clean bowl – now back tank drains very slowly. How 2 clear

I’ve snaked the drain, put drano down the back drain opening. The toilet will flush, but not properly and will run forever unless you manually push down flapper valve. Suggestions? (beyond calling a plumber – my final choice) PS – didn’t clean bowl either.

Elisabeth answers:

You have a problem. You need a plumber. A big bar of waxy soap dissolves, but not entirely, it dissolves very slowly leaving a gooey mess that seeps into the small holes located along the inner rim of the toilet bowl. Water flows from the reservoir tank down into the rim, out the holes, floods the bowl, the toilet flushes. Soap has created a thick build up and clogged the holes. Snaking won’t fix this.
Before you press the panic button. Fill the reservoir tank with very hot tap water and flush, keep filling with very very hot tap water and flushing, might take 20 or more fillings, but the hot hot tap water will melt away most of the gunky stuff and should help dissolve the soap scum clogging the lines in the toilet. Do this hot water rinse/flushing thing until it clears up
NEVER put drain cleaner down or in a toilet! It contains chemicals which can burn you!
NEVER use anything but a bleach tablet in the toilet reservoir tank, it will keep the tank clean and water clean
IF flushing out with very hot water does not help, call the plumber.

David asks…

How can I unclog a toilet with a bar of soap stuck in it?

a bar of lever 2000 soap fell in to my toilet and got stuck in the drain, and no matter what i do, it wont go down. it flushes, but it takes a long time for the water to go down when i flush it, and when the water comes back up, it barely comes through the hole. help please???

Elisabeth answers:

There are alot of really bad answers on here – Number one – pouring boiling water in your toilet will likely crack it because of the non-uniform temperature change and then you’ll need a new toilet. Two using a coat hanger in your toilet will 99 times out of a hundred scratch the dickens out of the enamel in the toilet making you wish you needed a new toilet. Yes you could probably wait and wait and wait and wait for the soap to dissolve but if you dont feel like waiting the answer is a toilet auger which should have a rubber 90 on it to prevent scratching your toilet up to bits. If you stick it two feet or so and turn the handle for a while you’ll break the soap up into pieces. Another thing which I might try if I were there would be to just use a large shop vac if you have one – place the hose in toilet and seal it down in the hole in the bottom of the bowl by placing a hand towel around it – if the vaccuum’s powerful enough – I often find I can suck toys, dog bones, etc up and avoid pulling toilets off the floor to remove objects. Good Luck.

Donna asks…

How to unclog a toilet with soap in it?

My son flushed a brand new bar of soap down the toilet. And now it is clogged, and it wont come unclogged with a plunger.. HELP!!!

Elisabeth answers:

Go to lowes or hd and buy a toilet snake bout twenty bucks hopefully that will do it

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